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  1. realme 9 is the world’s first smartphone to feature the 108MP Samsung ISOCELL HM6 Image Sensor, which brings the advanced 9-sum imaging technology and supports the original output of 9-in-1 pixel photos with better image quality. This 9-sum imaging technology allows the HM6 Image Sensor to output 12MP raw photos and then transfer them to the SDM680 ISP for processing.
    Not only that, realme’s camera engineers have developed 108MP Mode for realme 9 by combining eight 9-in-1 pixel photos with ultra-high resolution compositing technology, which allows users to take a 108MP photo with realme 9. Compared with just outputting a single 108MP photo, this compositing technology can help to produce a better 108MP photo

  2. Realme 9 4g is worst mobile, it wont charge with another brand charger , if u tey to so it simply switches off and worst thing is notification delay, if u get any messages from WhatsApp or calls from social media apps u wont receive instantly, it will show then after 10 mins even after hours, worst mobile from real me bastrds