Windows 11: Bugs I noticed after 1 Week of Use

Buds in Windows 11

Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22000.51 was released last week I have been using Windows 11 for a week now and I have noticed some bugs which are big, so let’s see, what bugs Windows 11 brings with it.

Can’t drag apps to the taskbar

Buds in Windows 11

You know-how, you able to drag any app on the taskbar, so you don’t have to search that app on the search bar but now with Windows 11 build 22000.51, it’s not working, you have to right-click on the app, and then select pin to taskbar.


The same applies to any files too, if you want to drag photos or documents to the browser then you can’t do that, you have to press Alt &Tab and go to the browser.

Recycle Bin is not Working

Buds in Windows 11

If you deleted any files on Windows 11 and you want to restore that file then you will go to Recycle bin but what if I tell you, Recycle Bin app is not working? You won’t able to open Recycle Bin app on Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22000.51, this is a big bug that Microsoft needs to fix right now.

So if you’re using a Windows laptop or PC for your work then think twice about updating Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Microsoft Store Issue

Buds in Windows 11

The biggest feature of Windows 11 is that Windows 11 can run an Android app but for now, that option is not available and it will be available on the Stable Windows 11 update but that’s not the bug.

The Bug is while installing apps on the Microsoft store, you won’t able to install the app, or sometimes, the Microsoft store closes automatically. I tried to Install, Twitter from Microsoft store, and as you can see, it says, the problem is on our end.

Taskbar on Monitor

Now, if you’re using your laptop but after connecting to Monitor then this is the biggest bug you will notice which is taskbar is not showing up on the monitor.

Old File Explorer

Buds in Windows 11

Now, this is not a bug but still, this is 2021 and still, Windows 11 has the same file explorer as Windows 7. Here I feel, Microsoft needs to change the UI of file explorers like what they did with the Settings menu or Microsoft store.

Taskbar Quick Settings

Buds in Windows 11

If you want to connect to wifi or check the battery percentage or just adjust the volume then you will click on the battery icon but that icon doesn’t work sometimes and then you have to go to the settings menu and there you have to change what you want to change.

Now, this feature works sometimes and sometimes doesn’t, so it’s a small bug and we use this feature for everything.

The search bar doesn’t work

You will see a search bar on the taskbar where you can search apps or files but that search bar is not working for some users. So not everyone got this bug but it’s there for some users.

What to do, Update Windows 11 or not?

I would say if you’re using your PC or Laptop for your work then it’s better to wait for Windows 11 stable version but if that Windows 10 laptop is for personal use then give it try and if you don’t like Windows 11 then you can always go back to Windows 10.

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