Apple is about to redesign the iPhone this year

iPhone 11 Pro
(image: Apple)

Almost every single mobile company has canceled the launch event due to COVID-19, recently OnePlus also announced the OnePlus 8 series and it will be held online on 14th April. That’s not the point right, let’s see the iPhone 12 series design…

The notch design had started with iPhone 10 series and then continued with iPhone 11 series but now after two years, Apple might change the front design with iPhone 12 series. Now, don’t be excited because you won’t get a full-view display, you need to wait for another one or two years to see that happening.

So what is this article about nothing is going to change so why I’m writing this…

As I have said, Apple won’t give full-view display but that huge notch will get tiny this year, you won’t see waterdrop notch but it will be a little bit bigger than that…

The report says that the largest iPhone 12 Pro will have a “slightly larger” screen than the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 6.5-inch panel and that the Face ID notch will “likely” be reduced in size. Kuo predicted last year that the Pro models would come in screen sizes of 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches.

Recently launched iPad Pro (2020) version has the LIDAR 3D-scanning sensor and as per some reports, this could be added to upcoming iPhones, yet there is no official confirmation but there is a chance for this.

Bloomberg said that the fingerprint sensor or you can say touch ID may return with iPhone 12 series but this time, it will be under the display. Now we have seen this technology in many Android smartphones, so I’m curious to see how Apple will implement in-display fingerprint.

As I have said, most of the companies are shifting the launch event on social media platforms but Apple won’t do that, so iPhone 12 series will be launch as usual but it may delay for a week or so, but Apple won’t do launch event on Online platforms.

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