How to enable WhatsApp Dark Theme On Android

Whatsapp Dark Mode

Most of the smartphone manufacturing companies have provided dark themes on thair smartphone and after that, almost every single social media app also pushed the Dark theme on their application but right now only two popular apps don’t have Dark theme and that would be FaceBook and WhatsApp.  Now talking about WhatsApp, they have been working on a dark theme for a while and with new WhatsApp beta version 2.20.13, we got the dark theme.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Android Phone?

  • Join for WhatsApp Beta program and you will get a new 2.20.13 update and you can enable dark mode on your WhatsApp application.
  • Now, if you don’t want to join for beta program then, Apkmirror has shared that Beta version apk file on their website, so download that version from here and you good to go…
  • For those people who don’t want to join for the beta program and don’t want to download from the third party then wait for a couple of days, you will get Dark theme very soon…

I have shared the screenshot above, so you get the idea where is the option for dark Theme. By the way, you just need to go Setting>Chats> and you will see Theme option, first in a row.

So enjoy this newly launched dark theme, now if you have any questions regarding anything then do let me know in the comment box below.

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