Top 5 best launchers for Android in India

best launchers for Android

Launchers can be helpful for a smartphone.  And yes many developers release launchers on Play Store as well as on App Store, but there are only some of the launchers that can be useful, so here we have some of the best Top 5 launchers for your android device.

Buzz Launcher

This is one of my favourite launchers, because of the simplicity of this launcher. And yes you can do lot’s of thinks with this one like you can set up to 9 photos on the home screen and I don’t think that you will get something like this one with any other launcher.

And of course, you can also set live wallpapers with this launcher, and many other effects, like love, rain, train and lots of other cool stuff. So if you are a person who likes simple launcher but wants some extra feature to use, then you can download this one


Nova Launcher – Free

I think everyone knows about this launcher and you will find many videos about how you can set up and implement the design on this one, and the main advantage of this launcher is, it has Google Pixel like the design so whenever Pixel devices get the new launcher, Nova launcher will add all the new features.

For those who are using custom UI on android device and you like to experience the beauty of Stock UI, then check this out.


Leena Launcher – Free

This one is for those who are searching “How to Install Window 10 on Android device”, and if you are one of those people then, matter fact is you can’t install Windows on Android platform. So what you can do, Install this launcher on your Android device, it has all features that present on window 10, and along with many other features that you gonna love it

If you can see on images, the launcher has lot’s of features along with proper UI that you need


Yandex Launcher – Free

For those who are looking for Gaming launcher then you can download this one because it has proper sections for each type of category exactly like POCO launcher. So if you want to try something new and unique then you can try this


Flick Launcher – Free

This one has the best animation and it’s all because of the CardView, so if you love CardView and animation then what you are waiting for download this launcher now. Launcher UI is one of the best parts because it has something new and unique that no other launcher has

Keep in mind that this one is still under development, so may you will not some bug


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